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(Agritourism and Rural Tourism International School)





A - A.R.T.I.S. (Agritourism and Rural Tourism International School).


Targets  and  activities of Olive Oil Winter School




1- Introduction  and  main elements  on the circuit  product -tourism  of oilve oil (tastes and  knoweledges ,pas ,present and future);

2-Full immersion with teachers and operators on the sector of the  field production techniques;

3- Full immersion  on the olives processing;

4- Full immersion on the qualitative caracterization  of olive oil(Panel Test);   

5-Full immersion on  the agritourism and rural tourism activities  linked at the olive oil sector;

 5- Final dicsussion with the presentation  of the self-evaluation sheets  of the Winter School and sending of the partecipation certificates.


B-Modality of  di Partecipation

The School it is open at everybody that ask to be involved

The inscription  it will be arranged under  the sending on the Bank Account ,that will be indicated no late of the 15th of November  2000, for a total amount of Lit 500.000 or 240$ USA for people..


The organization take his reserve ,that under the 20   adhesions ,for not to  running the same Winter School.


The last date for the iscription will be the 28th of November 2000.


For the Pre-Registration ,please see the Annexed 1)

For the payment and the final iscription it will be sended   the indications no late the 20th  of November 2000.


C - Syntesis Program of "Olive Oil Winter School" ,

30th  November to 3th  December 2000




Thursady  30 November, 2000(morning)


Arrival at  the Centro "F.Mancini", Foligno



Thursday ' 30 November, 2000(afternoon)

Ore 15.30 -19.30 Opening session with  authority salutation and  General Iintroduction at  the contents  and targets of the olive oil winter school.

20.30 -Dinner with Flokloristic Show.



Friday   1 December  , 2000 (morning)

Ore 8.30-12.30- Didactical and Technical visit with Prof. Agostino Tombesi of Perugia University in two olive oil tree  plantation

Ore 12.30-14.30 Lunch  at the  Camiano Piccolo  Agritourism in Monteflaco




Friday   1 December  , 2000 (afternoon)

14.30-18.30- Didactical and Technical visit  with  Prof. Gianfrancecsco  Montedoro President of the National Academy of Olive ,President of National Academic of Olive Oil and Olive oil tree at two oil-mill  (one small and one big)


19.30 -Country -Dinner with Folkloristic Show at the AgritourismCena agreste con Spettacolo "Il Poggio dei Pettirossi", of  Marco Fancelli, Bevagna (Perugia).


22.30 Go-Back and  guesting  at the "Centro Mancini" .,Foligno.



Saturday 2 December ,2000(morning)

 08.00-12.30 -Didatctical and Technical visit  at the Agrofood Tecnological Park of Umbria  with the President Dr. Giorgio Buonumori.

Show of Panel Test certification of the quality of the olive oil at the presence of the experts .


12.30-14.30 Lunch at the Agrioturism "Casale dei Frontini", Todi


Saturday 2 December ,2000(afternoon)

14.30-18.30- Trasfert and  Didactical visit at the Olive Oil Museum  of Torgiano of the Lungarotti Foundatio and  at the Agritourism Torre Burchio.Bettona.


Ore 19.30 Country -Dinner  with Folkloristic Show at the Torre  Burchio Agritourism,Bettona.


Ore 22.30 22.30 Go-Back and  guesting  at the "Centro Mancini" .,Foligno.



Sunday   3th  Decembre , 2000

Aula Magna -Centro Mancini


8.00-Opening of the daily Show Room of Olive Oil

9.00-13.00-Final activity with the autoevaluation of the Winter School,sending of the certificate ,intervention of the Ministry of Agriculture of Umbria Region and the respresantants of the Olive Mills Managers and Olive Oil  Producers of Umbria.


13.00-15.00-Final Farewell launch with Folkloristic Show.





It will be possible to arrange in the afternoon of the Sunday 3th of December ,a visit with more 50 $ USA of payment  or  100.000 Lit, at the Lower Valnerina Olive Oil area, in Terni Pronvince.This in relation at the number of request that must be no less than 10.





Centro Mancini,Foligno(Perugia),Italy

30 November - 3 December 2000



First Name______________________ Family Name___________________________





City____________________________________________ Area Code _____________





Will participate at :


Alone___       Accompanied___ Number of people ______


Total Amount: Number of People *240USA         USA  $____________



Date________________    ____     Signature__________________________


Arrival date_________________ Departure date______________________________





Please send the above form for  pre-registration by fax or e-mail (with signature inside) no later than the 20 of November 2000,  at the following address:



Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche ed Estimative

Facolta' di Agraria,Universita' di Perugia

Borgo XX Giugno,74




Email: ciani@unipg.it




C/o Centro Mancini,Foligno


Contact Person::

 Prof. Adriano Ciani

C/o Universita' di Perugia



Email: ciani@unipg.it